Healthcare transport

Healthcare transport

One of our specialties is seated patient transport. Thanks to years of experience, good quality and service, we currently have contracts with most health insurers. In many cases we can declare the journeys for FREE directly from your health insurer, namely the health insurers opposite.

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Trained drivers for Healthcare transport

In the unlikely event that you have to use taxi transport because of your health, we are ready for you. Healthcare transport is the transport to and from a hospital or medical specialist by taxi in connection with medical treatment.

Taxi Delft 24/7 Service transports passengers with a mental and / or physical disability and passengers who need extra care for various healthcare institutions. The drivers of Taxi Delft 24/7 have followed special training and obtained various certificates , they are experienced in dealing with these target groups .

We fully coordinate the daily transport to and from day care centers, rehabilitation centers, activity centers, psychogeriatric day care and medical day care centers. For this target group, peace, clarity and structure are very important, for this reason regular drivers and vehicles are used that are of course adapted to the wishes and possibilities of the traveler.

  • For policyholders of Achmea, Zilverenkruis, Interpolis, FBTO, Avero, Inshared and OZF, we refer you to apply for:
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