Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay for your taxi ride to your driver in cash. We ask you to pay the exact amount. If you have booked a return, you pay the full amount during the outward journey. If required, your driver will hand over a receipt.



How can I make a reservation?

You can easily make a reservation with us, where you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours!
But in case of emergency, we advise you to make a reservation by phone, call 0655116102

When can I make a reservation?

With us you can even order a Schiphol taxi up to the day itself.
It is true that if you order it earlier it is easier for us to schedule.
For yourself it is also more pleasant not to book the taxi at the last minute because you are already busy enough with suitcases etc. to pack.

Outward Journey

At what time should the Schiphol taxi be for you?

When ordering a Schiphol taxi from home, keep in mind that for European flights, you must be at Schiphol two hours before the flight departs. For flights outside Europe this is 3 hours. If you add to this the travel time about 40 minutes plus some extra margin, you will arrive at the departure time from your home.

Can I pick up more people by taxi?

When ordering, you can add additional addresses to the comments, so that we can calculate the route and make you a price proposal. In a city such as The Hague, you can assume that an extra € 5 will be added per journey per extra address.

Children on board, child seats are mandatory

The taxi law does not require the use of a child seat in a taxi. Children can therefore be transported on your lap or in the lap belt. More information can be found here.


How can I pay

With us you can pay cash, PIN, payment in advance by bank or credit card. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American express. (Note here are 5% extra costs) Companies can also drive on account with us. You must make this known in advance, after which your company will receive an invoice afterwards.

When can I pay?

You simply pay upon arrival at the destination, for return you pay everything at once after the outward journey.

Outward Journey

At what time should the Schiphol taxi be for you?

We agree with you as standard: after you have landed, before you have your suitcases, to call us on 0655116102. After collecting your luggage and until you pass customs, our driver has parked upstairs at departure hall, he will call you to tell you where the taxi is.

Can I be picked up from the meeting point

Extra service that you can also choose from is: Having you or your guests waiting at the meeting point. Click here for a map. There will be a driver with a name sign there, who will accompany you or your guests to the taxi. Furthermore, we always ask for a mobile phone number for the passenger. In this way there is more certainty for both the customer and the taxi driver in question that everything will go well. We ask € 15 for this service. You can simply request this or mention it in the comments when ordering on the website.

What if my flight suddenly arrives earlier or is delayed?

No problem! When booking your taxi, you provide us with your flight number. On the day your return journey is planned, your flight details will be checked so that we can arrive at Schiphol at the correct time. A driver will be waiting for you at the correct arrival hall.