Business and Executive transport

We are happy to take care of transport for business meetings. Taxi Delft 24/7 always offers the right solution for this transport. Time is money. As a busy businessman or woman, you know that better than anyone. You can now easily combine your trips to any place with a quiet business. The Taxi Delft 24/7 great in superior mobility in business transport.

The certified and representative drivers of Taxi Delft 24/7 are the best in their field. They understand that an executive driver has more tasks than navigating from A to B. Our drivers have all the qualities to relieve you of a lot of worries unnoticed. Taxi Delft 24/7 drivers speak their languages, but also know how to remain silent in all languages so that you can discuss your affairs without any worries. You will be assigned a private driver who knows and anticipates all your needs. A familiar face that you can almost see as your own employee. That way, you don’t have to worry about instructions and only get on board to know that your journey will go smoothly and efficiently.

✓ Comfortable transport by luxury taxi with the possibility to work or call undisturbed
✓ Discreet handling
✓ Multilingual drivers / drivers

Our qualified and uniformly dressed driver/chauffeuse will pick you up and take you to all your destinations. The time you used to spend behind the wheel can now be spent on other or more important things. You will now come through this service prepared and rested for your appointments.